Theme Design: CampsiteEdit



Some Minecrafters like to construct giant homes and reside in that stationary palace indefinitely; venturing out only to gather resources. On the other hand, others live life on the wild side; never settling in one spot, always exploring, always pushing the adventure even further!

If that sounds like you, then this is the project you have been looking for. The Campsite has all the facilities of a house, but is still at one with nature.

Stage 1: TentsEdit


Stage 2: Camp FireEdit

Camp Fire

Stage 3: Water StoreEdit

Water Store

Stage 4: Natural SpringEdit

Natural Spring

Stage 5: Waste PitEdit

Waste Pit

Stage 6: Rope SwingEdit

Rope Swing

After you have done these six stages you will have everything to put together your own Campsite, but don't stop there; add paths, a fence, torches, a gate, trees, plants, etc. Personalize your Campsite anyway you want. Have a look at my own design below for some ideas:

2011-09-04 15.05.10

Campsite 1

2011-09-04 15.05.22

Campsite 2

2011-09-04 15.05.44


2011-09-04 15.05.59

Campsite 5

2011-09-04 15.06.15

Campsite 6

2011-09-04 15.06.31

Campsite 4